On this web site and the many posts and pages published here, visitors will be able to find a lot of useful info about nature and on natural resources in Argentina, and many other countries in Latin America. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, the bohemian city where tango music originated towards the “fin de siècle”, also known as the end of the second half of the 19th century.

Tango is not only a type of music but also a type of dance, which originated thanks to the mass migration and influx of immigrants from Europe to the region of Rio de la Plata, or River Plate, (River Plate is one of the widest rivers in the whole world and divides the countries of Argentina and Uruguay), located in the Americas, way down south.

You could start with Argentina that is the southernmost country in the world, making it the nearest country to the Antarctic. Tierra del Fuego is a province down south which people often compare to Iceland, popularly known as “el fin del mundo” (in Spanish, the end of the world).

This web page is dedicated to presenting info on the fascinating world of travel, nature as well as natural and cultural heritage of the country of Argentina and its neighboring countries in South America, such as Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, etc. You will also find info on other regions of South and Central America as well, so, if you are interested in traveling, keep on reading.