Other Travel Destinations in Latin America


San Lorenzo and the Portobelo District in the Colón Province are fortifications that during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries served as military fortresses. It was built by local slaves on order of the Spanish crown during the many years of invasion throughout the whole American continent to avoid small caliber sieges by other European nations. It is located at an hour’s drive from the city of Colón. Formerly, it had belonged to the republic of New Granda and Colombia and come to become one of the main ports in the region through which looters carrying gold passed en route to Europe. It was listed as a heritage sites some 36 years ago. Due to climatic factors, lack of maintenance by the authorities’ involved and indiscriminate urban development, it was listed as a world heritage site in danger.


peru-003Chan Chan is a city of archaeological relevance, made from adobe where pre-Inca civilizations settled around the ninth century. It is Latin America’s largest and world’s second largest adobe city, located in an area now known as Trujillo. This too, of course, is regarded as a world heritage site due to its rich history, also considered to be in danger due to lack of maintenance.


Founded towards the end of the 16th century, the city of Santa Ana de Coro was one of the first cities to be founded by the Spanish colonizers that arrived in America to conquer, steal and “evangelize” the community about the “right” way of life. This beautiful city is located a few kilometers away from the Caribbean Sea, and has about 600 buildings from the colonial era. The place has been a part of the world heritage for over 20 years but, about 10 years ago, due to heavy rain, the place was listed as a world heritage site in danger.